Diego Belotti Resume

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Occupational fields

System administrator for both Windows and Linux servers and clients, TCP/IP network administrator. PHP - MySql developer for intranet and web site. MySQL database administrator, database analist.
Hardware specialist for PC, raid servers, wired and wireless network devices (router, firewall, gateway).
Project analist and manager.

Main work experiences

System administration on Linux network, PHP MySQL programming: security patching and maintenance of SAMBA, EXIM4, APACHE (PHP module), database MySQL, FTP, SQUID, database replication. Development and maintenance of PHP-MySQL scripts on internet and intranet projects.

Brief experience on servers network monitoring: the system is composed of Unix clusters and Windows NLB Servers connected with other systems (SAP, BEA, TIVOLI) by TIBCO suite and its software adapter. The software TIBCO HAWK is used to check the integrity of the whole system by rules and rulebases.

Hardware and software support for MS Windows PCs and network servers (Win32 or Linux).
Network configuration with or without server, based on multi-platform operative systems as well.
Web site development, using both HTML and PHP script based on MySQL DB, to build pages content dynamically.
Web Server configuration (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Webmin and SSH).
Network devices configuration (routers, firewall).
Offers/orders management for network plants and servers, in direct contact with customers and suppliers.
VoIP PBX configuration, based on Asterisk and IAX/SIP protocols (acronyms:Private Branch eXchange based on Voice over IP).
Meaningful practice on security policy and worldwide data exchange.


July 1998 – Degree in mechanical engineering (DU in Ingegneria Meccanica), final mark 90/100, from “Politecnico di Milano”. Degree thesis entitled: “Ottimizzazione della velocità di taglio nella pelatura con approccio probabilistico” (“cut speed optimization in bar peeling with statistical method“). The study focuses on finding the lowest cost for this kind of heavy turning, the bar peeling. The necessary data has been collected in cooperation with, and in Rodacciai S.p.A. - Bosisio Parini (LC) - Italy.


Mother tongue: Italian
Other language: English

IT skills and competences

Operative systems: MS Windows (all client version), Windows NT 4 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware), Mac OS 9 e OS X.

Networking: TCP/IP, TIBCO HAWK (good knowledge of methods, rules and rulebases )

Office Suites: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org.

Internet browser and email client: Mozilla suite, Firefox, Thunderbird, MS IE, Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Opera, Netscape, Evolution.

Image editing: GIMP2, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop.

Programming: PHP, MySQL, Macromedia Dreamweaver, PSPad (text editor with highlighter).

Other: Autocad (Autodesk), Cosmos, FileMaker.

Additional information

While at the university, some working experiences such as: mathematics and physics individual lessons to high school students, ironmonger, workman.
I like playing guitar and singing, some experiences as singer in pubs.

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