Welcome (#2)!

Hi! Finally, after turning on my Drupal installation, an other important step: the international version.

The translating process will be hard to do and for sure with plenty of mistakes (please correct me! I will accept your suggestion).

You'll find from time to time external links and credits for friends that gave help in solving a problem or in finding a tool, but everybody can help using comments.

Notice that comments aren't published in real time, but usually you haven't to wait so much time to see your post published!

In order to help you in finding the last modification and new posts, there is a "Recent" block that show the date of the last modification and a flag corresponding to the language of the post. Hope you'll find it useful!

Have a nice web-surfing!

Comments too ...

After creating Recents block, I wrote some PHP lines to have also a personalized Recent Comments block. If you need it, just ask, I'll publish the source code ;)