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Free PDF creator


To save documents as PDF (for FREE, of course!) you can alternatively use OpenOffice, that can save opened documents as PDF, or if you need an easier tool to print PDF from every program, this is what you are looking for: FreePDF.

As other PDF generation tools, it needs ghostscript:

WGET example, (for Windows too!)


wget example:

wget -F -c -w 1 -r -L -k -l 1

Options meaning:
-F This enables you to retrieve relative links from existing HTML files on your local disk, by adding <base href="url"> to HTML, or using the --base command-line option
-c continue getting a partially-downloaded file, otherwise, if the destination file already exists, the new downloaded file will be renamed [FILENAME.EXT].1
-w XX wait the specified (XX) number of seconds between the retrievals. To prevent servers overload
-r recurse folder
-L follow relative links only
-k after the download is complete, convert the links in the document to make them suitable for local viewing
-l specify recursion maximum depth level depth. The default maximum depth is 5

You may want to use -b to execute the command in backgrount mode.

Windows version:
Manual: wget --help

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