What is my IP address?

This is your IP address:

This is your Reverse DNS lookup result:

I can even try to guess your country: , but I'm not so sure...

All Blacks Haka

"Haka is a 'maori' word that means dance. [...] The New Zeland All Blacks rugby team, play the haka in front of its challenger team, before every match. The team leader screams to the other player the first part. Words must be screamed 'angrily', to give the players strenght and determination. Other important elements of the haka are: pukana (eyes wide opened), whetero (tongue sticking out), ngangahu (similar to pukana)."

How long do we have to wait for the week end?

Tired? Nervous? Looking forward to get your sofa? Short of ideas to take the working day to an end?
This clock shows how much the wait will last!

Week end is already started!
Want to know how long you have to wait for the next?

to Daria and Elisa :)))

Internet Time Servers - SNTP


This is a sample list of Internet Time Servers using SNTP (Simple Time Network Protocol): or aren't the only ones!

NAME, IP ADDRESS, LOCATION NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland NIST, Boulder, Colorado NIST, Boulder, Colorado NIST, Boulder, Colorado University of Colorado, Boulder

Diego Belotti Resume

NOTE: this version is out of date, please see also

Occupational fields

System administrator for both Windows and Linux servers and clients, TCP/IP network administrator. PHP - MySql developer for intranet and web site. MySQL database administrator, database analist.
Hardware specialist for PC, raid servers, wired and wireless network devices (router, firewall, gateway).
Project analist and manager.

Main work experiences

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